why bother upgrading
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2011-06-03 05:25:58 UTC
why pay the arrl to upgrade your license as the california state
ruling in the palmdale case has recently proved, it is a complete
waste of money to pay the arrl anything to upgrade your radio license
since local cities and states can take it away anytime despite what
the fcc says. you pay to upgrade to a general or extra then the local
city and local state takes it away by busting you back down to
techncian class even though younever violated any fcc rules and
despite fcc rules saying no one except the fcc is allowed to force you
to involuntary surrenderr your fcc
and if cities andd states can take away your general and extra class
radio license despite what the fcc says as has happened in the
palmdale case, then they can also take away your technician class
license and even the right to operate your cb radio no matter what the
why is this ruling of cities and states prohi biting you from having
a general and extra class radio license despite the fcc granting
you a license to operate general and extra class being allowed to
whatever happened to the federal law trumps local city and state law
the radio opeators were so fond of quoting in the
Scott in Baltimore
2011-06-03 11:04:45 UTC
Post by radioguy
why pay the arrl to upgrade your license
You don't pay the FCC unless you get a call of your own choosing (vanity).
You don't have to pay to renew your license on the ULS. You would have to
pay W5YI to do it foe you. You have to pay the current test fee to the VEC
unless you've got a VEC like the Laurel VEC that doesn't charge for tests.

The ARRL has nothing to do with license fees except to make recommendations.

If keep posting BS, I'll keep shooting holes in it.