Canadian hands-free cb amaeur radio l aw
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2011-05-26 21:06:42 UTC
Well, I have changed my mind. I was originally against the Ontario law
and a few American cities laws so far requiring hands-free operation
of both cb and amateur radio since it conflicts with federal Canadian
law and 98 percent of posters said violates FCC rules regarding their
radio equipment and certification when American travellers return to
America . However, yesterday, realized this is actually a good law
that will do some good since they are not allowed to use a handheld
mcrophone, only a hands free vox
now when Dudley Doright pulls you over even though you were not
speeding nor doing anything else illegal and starts immediately
screaming at the top of his lungs at you for having an illegal cb
antenna on your car or an illegal amateur radio on your car or an
illegal ham radio antenna on your car, tells you not to move your
hands, therefore you can not turn off the radio or you risk getting
shot dead, and states that is the reason he pulled you over and orders
you to violate federal law , and quotes other phony laws to you that
you are violating, his rants and raves will automatically trip the vox
even though the vox is set at the lowest sensitivity since he is
shouting at the top of his lungs for you illegally breaking the law by
illegally having an illegal cb antenna on your car or other vehicle,
where his rants and raves and illegal activities will be heard by
everyone within range who is listening on that
This is even better on amatur radio than it is on cb. Especially if
it is on a local amateur radio repeater currently hooked up to an
irlp or echolink reflector where many many many people in a whole
bunch of cities worlddwide can simultaneously hear the illegal
activities and crimes Dudley Doright is comitting live as it
happens. .
and even cbetter if all those people in all those
cities in all those different countries are recording the crimes of
Dudley Doright live from their
several posters have already stated it is NOT a crime to record nd
divulge anything on amateur radio since amateur radio transmissions
are intended for the general publc and therefore not under the law
prohisu b iting divulgence, although I am not quite sure that those
posters know what they are
a bout as I have heard the opposite from actual hams on the radio
while listening to my
In any case, if he is yelling at and ticketing you for having an
illegal cb antenna or illegal amateur radio antenna or illegal amateur
radio plates on your car legally assigned to you by your
local dmv, it is most likely Dudley Doright does NOT have a license to
operate on amateur radio like he is doing. and is committing even
another federal crime by doing
yes, the Canadian law and a few American cities or states nlaws so far
requiring ALL cb and all amateur radio transmissions fro hicles to
be hands-free only is a good
although it does violate federal FCC law also as everytime I have had
a vox on the lowest sensitivity setting , where it wont pick up your
voice unless you are shouting veryloud, working fine until
some bozo
drives by
blaring and blasting his fm car radio as loud as
it will go tripping the vox in my car and transmitting music over
radio services where music is not allowed to be
that is why I no longer use vox. the other direction picked up
whispering since that is highsensitivity. so no, I did NOT have it set
wrong at high sensitivity instead of at low
at least the service it accidentally got transmitted over was frs-gmrs
which is already full of a .bunch of
including public schools operating on GMRS-only frequencies that
theyare NOt allowed to be operating on and certain police depatments
using frs-only channels to run license plates and co-ordinate high-
speed chases.along with low-speed chases.
Scott in Baltimore
2011-05-28 00:48:44 UTC
Post by radioguy
amateur radio transmissions
are intended for the general publ[i]c
Transmissions on an amateur frequency are only sent to other amateurs.
If a non-ham is listening, oh well...