how can we operate outr CB radios mobile??/
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You can be assured that all planned developments will contain antenna restrictions. It is in the land >>>developers best interest and makes sense. They do not want 100 ft. towers springing up. In fact, there is a >>>phrase about operating rf transmitters, excluding the obvious garage door openers etc. Is there room for >>>verticals and wire antennas? I would think the answer would be yes.
They don't even want antennas on vehicles. Not even if you're just

Before, I have had my vehivle towed for violating homeowner
association rules and had to pay so much money to get it back out of
impound, money that I couldn't afford to pay, which ruined my credit
for the rest of my life. And I don't even live in a homeowner
association. I was just visiting my mom there. And that place did not
have a homeowner association when she moved into the trailer park. It
was added later.

And when I visited at my uncle's house in a different city, the hoa
complained to him about the CB antenna on the car in his driveeway,
fined him, and said it would be towed away if they ever saw it there

He does NOT have a car with a CB antenna. That was MY car. So far, I
have never ever signed any agreement with any homeowner association at
all. I live on non-hoa non-CC&R land.

What gives you nazi hoas the right to tow MY LEGALLY REGISTERED CAR
for violating hoa rules when I NEVER EVER SIGNED ANY fricking
agreement with any one of you?

Just because I'm visiting one of my relatives, none of whom could find
any place without a hoa attached to ity anymore.

And no you can not "just buy a house without any hoa or cc&Rs".

Several counties' laws through zoning law and other law now requires
any non-hoa non-CC&R homes to have permanent CC&Rs requiring joining a
hoa added to it before the owners of the non-CC&R non hoa houses are
allowed to sell them.

So the very act of purchasing a non-hoa non-CC&R home automatically
makes it a CC&R hoa home.

And besides, as I said, I don't live in a hoa cc&R home. I cirrently
DO live in a non-hoa non-CC&R home.

So how is purchasing one, if I could, which I can't, because of the
newer laws, solve that problem???

I was STILL towed for violating homeowner association rules of places
I was visiting when I do NOT live in a homeiwner association and have
NOT signed any agreements at all with any homeowner associations.

I have NEVER signed any agreements with the hoas who towed me.

The traler park did npt have a visitors parking area because the hoa
owner of the trailer park required all visitors to park in the
driveways of the person they were visiting.

My uncle's house did not have visitor parking area because it was his
own driveway in his own house and that city has laws which say it is
against the law ro park on the street at all, either side, no matter
what time of day or night or what reason.

So it is now very very clear that the FCC has comitted the federal
crime of fraud when they fraudently said that hams "can just operate

You can NOT operate mobile when your car keeps getting towed for
violating the homeowner associations' rules of "no external antennas
allowed on vehicles" and "no ham or cb antennas allowed on vehicles"
when you DON'T EVEN BELONG to any hoa and NEVER SIGNED ANY agreement
with any hoa at all.

Just because you're visiting family and friends who live in
homneowners associations, the only places left anymore.

And no, you can't sue. 1. It costs much more to sue them for it than
it does to pay to get your car out of impound for violating homeowner
association rules that you never agreed to and that the homeowner
association doesn't have to tell you what the rules are since you're a
visitor instead of a resident."

And people have spent over twenty thousand dollars in legal fees just
trying to defend their right to park in their own driveways when
driveway parking was allowed but the rules of the two hoas in charge
of the place conflicted with each other.

2. Most lawyers will not take such cases anymore because they will be
disbarred for doing so, since it is a "conflict of interest" since
most are now required by the counties,cities, and/or state to have
agreements with the hoas and hoa developers to defend them.

3. There have been so many lawsuits brought against hoas that most
courts are now refusing to hear the cases involving hoas unless
they're sure they can rule in favor of the homeowners' associations
and against the homeowners.

And in California, because of the number of hoa court cases filed,
California, by law. ruled that all hoa disputes must now be settled
only through arbitration and not in the courts because it was
overburdening the couyrt system.

I haven't even visited some of my family in years.

I'm sure their hoas would definitely tow my car and/or fined them or
me for it ljust like all the other ones did.

And I can't afford such tow bills to get the car out of impound, or
the fines.

Now the question is WHY did the FCC commit the federal crime of fraud
by fraudently telling radio operators that they "can just operate
mobile"? WHY ?????

And how do we operate out CB radios mobile when our cars keep getting
towed and impounded by homeowners associations we never ever made ANY
agreement at all with since we live in non-hoa non-CC&R houses?

And you don't even need an antenna on your car for it to happen. This
issue is BIGGER than just radios.

It also happens if you just have "amateur radio plates" on your car
without any antennas or radios at on or in your car.

Because homeowners associations don't like amateur radio locense
plates on vehicles either, even if there's not any antenna or radio in
the vehicle.

They also tow visitors for violating the homeowner association rules
of what color car you are and are not allowed to have, what make and
model of car you are and are not allowed to have, what type of vehicle
you are and are not allowed to have.

What gives you nazi homeowner associations the right to tow my car and
have it impounded just because it's blue, a color you don't allow
under hoa rules, when I NEVER EVER SIGNED ANY agreement with you at

Now there'sd even some municipalities requiring mandatory for
homeowners to simultaneously join three homeowners associations for
the same house!!!!!!!

Of course, the rules for each condlict with the other two.

One only allows your house to be painted blue because all the other
colors are ugly and bring down property values while blue is a pretty
color that brings up property values and the hoa rules specifically
say "homes are not allowed to be painted any ugly color".

while the second hoa says houses are only allowed to be painted red
because all other colors are ugly and bring down property balues while
red is a pretty color that brings up property valuesd and the hoa
rules specifically say "homes are not allowed to be painted any ugly

while the third hoa says "houses are only allowed to be painted green
because all other colors are ugly and bring property values down while
green is a pretty color that brings up property values and the hoa
rules specifically say "homes are not allowed to be painted any

If I lived in a home requiring three hoas like many do now, which I
don't, I would paint the one house red, blue, and green to follow all
hoa rules except that wouldn't work either since doing so also
violates all of the hoas' rules.

You CAN't paint it red while not painting it red, or paint it blue
while not painting it blue or painting it green while not painting it

hmmm... Since I would be getting fined and the house having a lien put
on it either way in that case, I may as well go all out and paint it
all three colors that are both not allowed to have that color painted
on it and required to be the ONLY color the house is allowed to be

On second thought, in that case, I may as well go all the way and
paint it in glow-at-night colors purple and pink with polka dots
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