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Morky Mork
2010-12-31 07:22:35 UTC
I walked into the local RR office with my invoice to pay in person.
While I was there I thought I would take care of a little problem.
The soc security number they had on the account didn't match mine.
I found this out one evening when they wouldn't talk to me about my
own account because I couldn't verify the soc security number. I
paid my bill and asked them to make the change showing them my
driver's license with soc security number on it. They said they
could not take my driver's license as ID only my soc security card.
This goes to show just how private RR keeps their records. Who the
fuck ever heard of a valid operator's license not being enough ID
to make a simple change in the account info.
ATOMIC SMACK DOWN ON EMUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOPE, that smackdown is on you!!
Dream, on, dweeb.
you were too stupid to realize that
they wanted more than just your DL.
How would you know, shower pussy? A drivers licence is considered
suitable ID 99% of the time. But you don't have one.
driver's licenses do not contain ss #'s as meat-plow claimed.
Yes they do
lol shows more of what you don't know as two of mine have had them
printed on the front. Damn emma why do you spout bullshit you know
nothing about?
Oh and why are you ignoring your beat down from the City Manager's
office today?
He doesn't have a valid drivers license.
Live Fast, Die Young and Leave a Pretty Corpse
2010-12-31 22:49:27 UTC
Morky Mork <***@rocketmail.com> writes:

5> Newsgroups: alt.usenet.kooks,comp.os.os2.advocacy,alt.

What does your URL have to do with OS/2, Mork?
2011-01-01 21:54:05 UTC
2011-01-02 13:48:51 UTC
kb9rqz <***@kb9rqz.com> writes:

186> Newsgroups: alt.usenet.kooks,comp.os.os2.advocacy,alt.

186> fake

What does your classic ambiguity have to do with OS/2, kb9rqz?