Yesterday is a canceled check
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ali khanbaba
2009-05-17 19:59:58 UTC
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Yesterday is a canceled check
Tomorrow is a promissory note

What We Do we make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we
Winston Churchill .

Dear friends and strangers on world wide web this may be familiar to
most of you and probably will consider it as of one those chain
letters or scam , I do no not blame you but consider the situation I
am in you would of have probably done the the same .I am retire who
lost my home ,wife,business and many other things in between that is
log story that one day a lady friend of ours said to me I should go
ahead and write story a book that one of these days I might consider
to do just that about life experience with divorce one of the uglis
divorce any body could Imagine and the company you were doing business
for such long time ,i was affiliated with one of largest fast food
chain restaurant that unfortunately was one one most unfair practice
of large corporate America that could of done to a little man by doing
what they did with out shame and bankers who I was doing business for
several years was denying me of refinancing just because that have
been ordered from upstairs not to do so , I lost my only source of
income ,home,car,and family and even my self for the few years and
above all hungry attorneys who were suppose do to what is best for the
there clients were nothing but like Hungry wolf minded in the form
human except keep billing and fill there pocket with concisely selling
out their client the last minute. I was locked in and looking and
trying even all those that called them self friends were all turned
their head around , I was looking and trying to push myself forward
but nothing worked I was really was not in good mental frame of mind
any more therefore I had to move and move out of town and start a new
life which I did, this life story goes on to the point that to day I
am reaching out to you for help.

This is not pyramid scheme promotion.

It is an undeniable law of the universe that we must first give in
order to receive.

Please. DO Not CHEAT and DO Not SPAM! Thank you

Welcome To The *$ 10.00 Email gifting *

***Turn *$1000 Into a gift of life.

100% Legal What is Cash Gifting?

Cash Gifting is the act of giving another person a declared sum of
cash as a gift and giving it freely without force or concern. It's
called a cash gift because that's exactly what it is...a gift of cash.
Through the simple principle
of helping your fellow man or woman through giving, members of cash
gifting programs
are immediately recognized and rewarded for their participation in the
giving process.

Is Cash Gifting Legal?

According to United States IRS tax codes cash gifting is legal. The
law states that individuals can give a gift to another individual of
up to $11,000 each per calendar year without any tax liability to
either the giver or receiver of the gift, because the tax on the gift
has already been paid. For more information on IRS Tax Codes
regarding cash gifts see: Title 26, Sections 2501-2504, 2511.

You can copy and paste this page to your notepad to make the changes
for the
emails.(No different than all the other affiliate
programs, People are paying you to be placed on their email
list) This just cuts out the middleman
Follow the directions below and in weeks you`ll have
at least 10,000 dollars.

Most people respond due to the low investment and high profit
We believe the return rate is currently as good as 80%!

Please Just send **$ 10.00 dollar to the person in number 1
position ,

Place your name in the number 2 position.

***@hotmail.com .

2. your name

After you have retyped the names in the new order, send this
e-mail to as many people as possible IMMEDIATELY!

send a payment are under "SEND MONEY" at the Pay pal Site. It's so
Easy!! When you send your $ 10.00 payment to either
address in the list, do it with a great big smile on your face because
"as you sow, so shall you

reap!" After you have transferred a $ 10.00 payment to the email
address, something very eerie happens. It gives you an
indescribable, overwhelming sense

of certainty, belief and conviction in yourself. You've just proved to
yourself that, because you have done it, there
must be a great number of other people ready to do exactly the same.

REMEMBER: Use the same EMAIL ADDRESS that is used with YOUR Pay pal

If you need to open a Pay Pal account go here: paypal.com/


not a PERSONAL account)
otherwise you won't be able to receive credit card payments from other

Pay Pal will ask you to select a type. Select "Service/other",

and put "E-Donation" for the subject. There will be no fee for this 0r
( if you prefer use regular Pay Pal button for payment.)

or Alert Pay

.alertpay.com/ retyped the names in the new order, send this

e-mail to as many people as possible IMMEDIATELY!

Using a Bulk Email*l Service will really boost your donations, ( gift)
use blasters,

safe lists, whatever you have.

That`s ALL there is to it!

When your name reaches the second position in about 2 days (or less)
you will be amaze*d as to how much you will have received.
You are providing a service. People are paying you to be placed on
their email list.

Because there are only two (2) names on the list, you can anticipate
your donations coming incredibly FAST
Good luck and have great day.

Please. DO Not CHEAT and DO Not SPAM! Thank you


<a href='https://www.alertpay.com/PayProcess.aspx?
of life</a>

Any question please

contact ***@hotmail.com
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